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Sangoma 8 Port T1/E1/J1 PCIe without echo

Quick Overview


  • Eight Span E1/T1/J1 PRI Card (PCIe) without echo cancellation

  • Support for Asterisk ®, FreeSWITCH ®, and Yate ® as well as other Open Source and proprietary PBX, Switch,IVR, and VoIP gateway applications

  • supports up to 240 voice calls

  • Compatible with all commercially available motherboards


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The A108 is part of Sangoma’s family of Advanced Flexible Telecommunications hardware product line—it uses the same high-performance PCI or PCI Express interface that is providing superior performance in critical systems all over the world. The A108 supports up to 240 voice calls or 16.4 Mbps of full duplex data throughput over eight T1, E1, or J1 lines. Take advantage of hardware and software improvements, as soon as they become available. Like all boards in Sangoma’s AFT family, the A108 is field upgradable with crash-proof firmware.

Technical Specification

Brand Sangoma
Number of ports Eight Span E1/T1/J1 Card (PCIe) without echo cancellation
Channel / Concurrent calls Upto 240  Voice Calls
Operating System

Windows ® 2003, Windows ® XP, Windows ® Server 2008, Windows ® Vista, Windows ® 7, Linux (all versions, releases and distributions from 1.0 up)

Line Protocol Voice CAS, MFC/R2, PRI, ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, HDLC, PPP, SS7, Transparent bit-stream, BSC
Dimension 2U Form factor 120 mm x 55 mm

Additional Information

key note Sangoma 8 Port T1/E1/J1 PCIe without echo
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Manufacturer Sangoma
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